Together, let’s create a new generation railway

Cargo Wagon is a proud partner of the international rail transport conference IRFC 2022, which will take place on October 5-7 in Prague. Freight wagons of the Cargo Wagon company participate in transports in the entire region of Central and Eastern Europe. Our long-term goal is already today to bring customers solutions that make railway transport faster, safer and more reliable.

Just a few days after the representatives of the European railway sector return from the exhibition in Berlin, the international railway conference IRFC 2022 will take place in Prague on October 5-7, with the title Let’s create a new generation of railways together. Since the Czech Republic currently chairs the Council of the EU, the seventh year of the conference was included in the official calendar of accompanying events of the Czech Presidency, and the patronage of the conference was taken over by the Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic, doc. PhDr. Mikuláš Bek, Ph.D.

The IRFC 2022 conference traditionally connects European manufacturers, freight carriers, intermodal operators and freight forwarders, who will present their services and examples of best practice in rail freight transport and logistics. In the context of the EU Green Deal, this year’s speakers will consider how to make European railways faster, safer and more competitive.

Cargo Wagon’s freight wagons are involved in transports throughout the Central and Eastern European region every day. Our company’s customers include the largest railway carriers and freight forwarders in the region. Our long-term goal is already today to supply customers with solutions that make their transportation faster, safer and more reliable. The EU Green Agreement is a powerful stimulus for passenger and freight rail transport in Europe and opens up opportunities for innovation and dynamic development of the sector in the foreseeable future. Cargo Wagon wants to actively participate in this development.

“We expect that the freight rail market in Europe will grow very dynamically in the next ten years, and this growth will lead to a fundamental change in the fleet of railway wagons. We are pleased to be able to support the meeting of representatives of railway companies from all over Europe and participate in the debate on the directions in which the railways of tomorrow should go in order to better fulfill the demands of its customers, the goals of politicians and the expectations of the public,” says Pavel Holomek, Chairman of the Board of Cargo Wagon.

Cargo Wagon is sponsoring the lunch on the first day of the conference. We will be happy to meet you at the conference, and we wish all participants and guests a lively and inspiring debate. The full program of the IRFC 2022 conference can be found here.

Cargo Wagon manages one of the largest private fleets of freight railway wagons in Central Europe. Our largest customer is the company ZSSK CARGO, to which we lease a wide portfolio of standard, covered and tank wagons. Outside of Slovakia, we primarily supply our customers with high-wall, dump and platform trucks for transportation in the energy, metallurgy and woodworking industries.

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