EAOS freight wagon

Open four-axle high-wall wagon which is conventionally constructed.
The wagon is intended to carry bulk substrates and such commodities not requiring covered space and protection against weather.
The wagon is not intended for transporting scrap.

Technical details

The wagon has fixed fronts – it is not front folding. There are two 1800×1900 mm door openings on each side wall. All-metal floor, 6 mm thick.

Maximum axle load







LL – IB 116*

Maximum speed when loaded

100 km/h

Length over buffers

14,04 m

Bogie pivots distance

9,00 m

Loading length

12,80 m

Loading width

2,76 m

Loading height

2,03 m

Loading volume

72 m3

Curve radius

R 75 m

Unloaded wagon weight

20.000 kg

Handbrake weight

20,0 t

Handbrake power

21,2 kN

Maximum gradient

2,7 %

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