RES freight wagon

Platform four-axle bogie freight wagon.
This is intended to carry lump commodities and high large objects that need no cover or weather protection.

Technical details

The wagon is equipped with a 0.52m high folding front wall and two stanchions on both ends. On both sides of the wagon there are 8 hinged side walls 0.52m high and 8 hinged stanchions 1.3m high. The wooden floor is 50mm thick.

Maximum axle load







LL – IB 116*

Length over buffers

19,90 m

Bogie pivots distance

14,86 m

Loading length

18,53 m

Loading width

2,66 m

Loading height

2,03 m

Loading area

49,28 m2

Curve radius

R 75 m

Floor height above the top rail

1,24 m

Unloaded wagon weight

24.000 kg

Handbrake weight

23,9 t

Handbrake power

25,3 kN

Maximum gradient

3,2 %

Load table

Tabulky RES

Goods loading table

Tabulky RES

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