Východná Európa

Eastern Europe

Slovakia + Poland + Czech Republic + Hungary + Serbia + Romania + Bulgaria

We provide wagons mainly for:

  • local transportation of coal and coke

  • building materials for the construction of road and railway infrastructure

  • transportation of ore and wood

We offer our customers:

  • a diverse fleet of wagons

  • availability of wagons in the customer’s area of operation

  • short-term and seasonal wagon rentals according to the customer’s needs

  • an extensive network of contract repair shops in Central and Eastern Europe


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Západná Európa

Western Europe

Germany + Austria + Switzerland + France + Belgium + Netherlands + Slovenia

We provide wagons mainly for:

  • steel industry

  • transportation of building materials

  • seasonal transport of wood or sugar beet

We offer our customers:

  • high standard of maintenance

  • silent carriages

  • on-site maintenance

  • mobile service directly at the customer

  • delivery of spare parts within 5 days


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