Besides other certifications, Cargo Wagon also holds a maintenance system certification, known as ECM. In this article, we have answered questions about changes in the maintenance process brought about by the certificate.

I need to find a technical specification for a Cargo Wagon vehicle, who can I contact?

We provide tenants with access to a wagon tracking system, where they can find basic technical information about the rented wagons. All our wagons are also registered on the RSRD2 platform, through which carriers, for example, can access technical information. For other information, you can contact us via email at

Who should I contact in case of damage to a Cargo Wagon vehicle?

You can contact our Customer Service team at

What information about the damage to the vehicle do you require?

A damage report according to Appendix 4 of the AVV. In the case of brake damage, also a brake test report according to UIC 543-1 evaluated by a testing device. If possible, please also send us photos of the damages.

When can I arrange for the repair of the vehicle without the consent of Cargo Wagon?

If it is a repair costing no more than EUR 850, you can arrange it without our consent. Always ensure that a Damage Report has been sent to Cargo Wagon before starting the work.

When do I need to request consent from Cargo Wagon for the repair of the vehicle?

As soon as the repair budget exceeds EUR 850. In such a case, send us a repair cost estimate via email to Our colleagues will respond to you no later than the next working day.

Who can perform maintenance on vehicles for which Cargo Wagon is the ECM?

Maintenance can only be performed by workshops that hold a valid Maintenance Functions Certificate, i.e., approved workshops as per Chapter IV, Article 19.5 of the AVV.

How can I find out if a workshop is approved?

A list of workshops holding valid Maintenance Functions Certificates is published on the European Railway Agency website.

What if the vehicle cannot be repaired without supplying parts?

You can order parts by sending the H/HR Form via email to If possible, please also send us photos of the damaged parts.

Ordered parts are typically dispatched within 5 working days, and the exact date will be communicated by our Customer Service team.

In case of damages where liability is determined based on the result of a brake test (e.g., thermal influence on wheelsets), please also include a brake test report according to UIC 543-1 evaluated by a testing device.

Do you require the return of removed parts? Where should I send them?

This information is automatically included by our colleagues in the H/HR Form when confirming it. You will receive the confirmed document from us no later than the day of dispatching the replacement parts.

How should I inform Cargo Wagon about the completed repair, and what documents do you require?

The confirmation of repair completion is the Release for Operation document, which please send to immediately after completing the repair. The document must be issued by an approved workshop.

  • If brake pads are replaced, the Release for Operation must state the type of brake pads fitted to the vehicle (e.g., LL IB 116*).
  • If a brake component is replaced, we require a brake test report according to UIC 543-1 before and after the repair. The test must be evaluated by a testing device without the intervention of the operating personnel.
  • In the case of wheelset re-profiling, we require measurement sheets before and after the repair.
  • In the case of wheelset replacement, we require information on the positions where the wheelsets were mounted.

What must an invoice for maintenance include?

The invoice must include a maintenance performance report using CU codes in accordance with Annex 6, Appendix 10 of the AVV.

If you are re-invoicing the maintenance, please attach the invoice you received from the workshop. If you are only re-invoicing certain items that the workshop invoiced to your company, please mark them visibly, preferably by indicating “CW” next to each such item.

Please also attach the Damage Report, H/HR Form, Release for Operation, and photo documentation to the invoice.

As a tenant, I am responsible for performing routine maintenance. What does this mean for me?

During each stay of the vehicle in the workshop, but at least once every 6 months, check the condition of the vehicle visually, perform a pneumatic and hand brake test, carry out a functional test of all functional parts of the vehicle, and replace worn parts (e.g., slide pads and brake pads). The vehicle must also be regularly lubricated as part of routine maintenance (every 3-6 months).

How should I inform Cargo Wagon that I have performed routine maintenance?

If routine maintenance was performed as part of corrective maintenance, ask the workshop to include information about the lubrication of the vehicle in the Release for Operation, which you will send to us.

If you perform routine maintenance without the vehicle being taken out of operation according to the AVV, please send us the Release for Operation via email to after performing it.

What happens if I forget to perform routine maintenance?

Our colleagues monitor the periodicity of routine maintenance. If you do not perform routine maintenance within 6 months of the last recorded routine maintenance, we will notify you of this.

What if I find damage during routine maintenance that prevents operation?

You will issue a Damage Report according to Appendix 4 of the AVV and arrange for its removal by an approved workshop. If the repair cost exceeds 850 EUR, submit a cost estimate to us for approval before starting the repair.

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