High maintenance standard

High-quality planned maintenance is the most effective way of avoiding (in-service) failures and additional wagon repairs. Revision repairs to our wagons are exclusively carried out in certified workshops in accordance with the Slovak national regulation Freight wagon maintenance system. By carrying out preventive maintenance and continuous checks regarding the wagons technical condition, we increase their operational reliability. Thanks to our fleet’s digitalisation, our customers have an up-to-date overview of the performed maintenance or the mileage of a particular wagon.

Tracking wagon movements

All wagons from Cargo Wagon are equipped with tracking units for a wagon's position and movement. The customer is able to find the location and view the current technical data of every rented wagon from their web browser. The tracking system can alert customers to unsafe wagon movements or to the entry of a wagon into a defined area, such as sidings, maintenance workshops or depots. Learn more about all of the wagon tracking system’s features in our video.

Fast spare parts dispatch

Cargo Wagon maintains a permanent stock of wheelsets and spare parts in our warehouses in Slovakia for all wagons leased by our customers. This also applies to larger units such as chassis frames, complete traction units, air couplings or various components for a wagon's superstructure (side rails, rails, arches, tarpaulins, pneumatic equipment, etc.). Stock parts are normally dispatched within five days of receipt of the H/HR request in accordance with Annexe 7 of the ATO.

Additional tailor-made services

For some of our customer projects, we also provide additional services that make Cargo Wagon rental more convenient. After acceptance, we transport the wagons to the agreed location according to the customer's disposition. We provide routine maintenance and repairs either in workshops close to the customer's transport routes or via mobile service on sidings directly at the customer's premises. If the wagons are deployed outside the EU customs area, we can also arrange for the wagons to be cleared when they are handed over for hire and when they are returned from hire.

Simple wagon offer

At Cargo Wagon, we believe that renting wagons should be easy. We operate several types of wagons that are identical in terms of operating parameters and controls, as well as the spare parts used. All our wagons are registered for international operation, equipped with LL-blocks, and in good technical condition. Wagons are handed over to customers in the workshop after maintenance and functional inspection by our technicians. The rental price includes the cost of wheelsets inspection and maintenance, which is provided by Cargo Wagon on a scheduled or as-needed basis for maintenance. Routine maintenance is the Lessee's responsibility. Its scope is specified for each type of vehicle in the wagon's operating and maintenance manual. We are a signatory to the ATO Agreement and follow Annexe 12 of the ATO when assessing operational faults.


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The Cargo Wagon executive team can be found in Trnava. In a small, historic, but at the same time modern Slovak city. Our members come from different places, but it’s easy to feel at home here. Due to its location, Trnava is the centre of the railway industry. Partners in Slovakia or abroad are just a stone’s throw away. Get to know our team and the values that shape our company


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In our daily activities, we also want to apply the same principles that we apply in our business, such as reliability and quality. We are an employer that cares about the culture we build within our company and how to have a positive impact on those around us. We make sure that our employees can grow professionally, while simultaneously getting involved in society. In our surroundings, we notice those who lack certain facilities to fully participate in life and we support organisations that are dedicated to improving their life opportunities.

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